6 Effective Ways to Build A Successful Brand Online in 2022

According to a recent survey conducted by Nielson Survey, around 59% of the buyers prefer purchasing new products from brands they already know. Now if you are a startup or a small business, there are chances that you may have big brands as competitors. These brands have unlimited budgets dedicated to marketing and a huge chunk of devoted and loyal customers. Keeping all these facts in mind, it has become the need of the hour to find a sustainable way of standing apart from all these competitors. The process starts by creating a robust and distinctive brand.

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness can be defined as a step-by-step process through which businesses, irrespective of their size, can easily cultivate recognition through their services, products, and solutions. This brand awareness can be easily cultivated through design, ads, social media, messaging, and much more. The concept of brand awareness is currently in demand and has inspired many authors to pen down their thoughts on the same.

Well, there is no doubt in the fact that implementing brand awareness strategies and executing a successful brand awareness plan is complicated enough to cover so many books. But if we don’t want to complicate things, then in simpler words, brand awareness is nothing but the awareness among the audience about a particular brand. Yes, it is that simple; knowing the fact that a brand exists in the market and knowing what it is about is brand awareness.

How to Build A Strong Brand Online?

Identifying Factors that Make You Unique

As already defined, brand awareness is the awareness of something of a brand. The very first thing is to discover a set of traits that makes your brand different from the other ones present in the market. It is your brand’s USP. For this, study the competition thoroughly. Find out how they define their own brand? What are the don’ts that should be kept in mind while brand-defining? And what are the unique characteristics that your brand can call its own?

Consistency is the Key

Opportunities to engage and interact with your customers are quite a few. If you adopt different brand strategies on different platforms and channels, your audience won’t be able to decode the message you are trying to convey. Consistent messaging is a prerequisite of brand awareness. This consistency also keeps the channels in sync with each other. In other words, brand consistency means delivering the same message in the same format through business websites, emails, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. For instance, if you are planning to develop a brand identity on the idea that how fun your product is, then the casual and light tone should be there on all channels. In this manner, the brand is optimised for different scenarios such as an individual stumbling across your message on any of the platforms and finding how fun your brand is secondly with a proper strategy in place, you expose the audience to the messaging on different channels. When there is brand consistency, it creates a quasi drip campaign that reinforces the brand.

Bring Positivity to Brand Strategy

For different brands, brand awareness implies different things. Now, for some brands brand awareness heavily relies on being eco-friendly. For other brands, brand awareness is beautiful scenes by water along with relaxed daytime cocktails. Doesn’t matter what you choose, one thing that you won’t find in any successful brand strategy is negativity. The world is already full of negativity and online media is no exception. Well, in such a case, the last thing a buyer wants is more negativity while shopping. But this doesn’t mean you start including poems, heart-eye emojis and inspirational quotes in your brand strategy. Inculcating positivity in brand strategy means avoiding bringing people down and making them feel good about themselves and the world.

Have a Detailed “Our Story” Page

The bios you curate for your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles may be quite limited when it boils down to brand awareness. Well, there is not enough space where you can describe what your brand is all about. If you are looking forward to developing your brand strategy and taking it a few steps ahead, think about implementing an “Our Story” page. This page is also known as the “About Us” or “About” page. Most of the efforts that you would be putting in would take your audience to your website and the “About Us” page of the website is one of the key areas of any website. Through the “About Us” page, explain what makes you different from others and why should people choose you over others.

Know Your Audience

Apart from everything else, it is vital to know your audience. If you don’t know your audience, it is almost impossible to create brand awareness that would catch the eye of the audience. Before creating the brand, define the targeted audience, so that you catch the attention of the right audience and avoid any misalignment between your product and customer. You can take it a level higher by interacting with your customers while rebranding. Talk to your key customers while redesigning the tagline, logo, and other major brand identifiers.

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Finishing Up

When people talk about a brand, they talk about “building” the brand rather than “making” it. It takes patience, time, and lots of effort to execute an appropriate brand strategy. All you need to do is follow the above-mentioned tips. Always remember to explore your USPs, be consistent in brand messaging, adopt a positive note in brand messaging, have a detailed “About Us” page, and utilize the brand name, logo, and website URL to strengthen brand awareness. At Weignyte, we have a team of experts that can help you build your brand by utilizing the latest and most advanced tactics. We create sustainable relationships with our clients that last long.

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