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User Experience & Interface.

Designing User Interfaces and User Experiences is our expertise. When it comes to web design, the two concepts are inseparable. User Experience (UX) covers usability, functionality, and navigation. Our rigorous focus in this area involves prototyping and testing of all possible solutions to a given problem. Then comes artistic creation (UI), which is directed by Barthelemy. This process seeks not only to bring a visual identity to the product, but also to serve the apps underlying purpose while ensuring the best possible experience for the user.


Frontend Development.

Our front-end developers use HTML, CSS, and Javascript to make our mockups and prototypes truly come alive. This allows us to ensure that our designs are responsive to all screen sizes, flexible to fit all device types, and compatible with all browsers.


Backend Development.

Although it’s all but imperceptible to the end user, this is one of the biggest steps in any web-based project. The backend developer is in charge of powering all of the features on a website or app. Backend technologies are typically built using languages like PHP, Ruby, and Python, among others.

After a disappointing experience with my previous web agency we nervously agreed to start again. The whole process could not have been more different. Awesome work from start to end - we can't thank the team at Weignyte enough!

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Branding & Identity.

If you are a start up business, or looking for a brand refresh our design and branding team can give you a fresh look. From a logo design through to marketing materials we can give your business a consistent, bold identity which will set you apart from your competitors.


Printed Design.

We’re skilled in all forms of printed media marketing, from flyers, to business cards to posters. We consider this to be an extension of your product’s web design. Print communication can support your sales force and help spread your message.


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